Which Air Freshener Scents Are the Most Popular?

Lavender Is A Popular Fragrance Air fresheners are very popular accessories for homes as well as for cars and they come in an almost infinite range of scent variations. Just like in the case of perfumes, the choice of air freshener scents seems to vary with the season – here are the most popular choices:
  • Scents for the summer – summer is synonymous with light, fresh, “green” scents, the most common fragrance choices including light and crisp green apple, refreshing cucumber, water melon, lemon, lime, lavender and aloe vera as well as tropical fruit and berry fragrances;
  • Scents for the fall – most fragrances for the fall are inspired by the scent and the colors of nature preparing for the cold season, such as pumpkin, cider or nuts;
  • Scents for the winter – the typical scents chosen for the winter period are inspired by our need for warmth and comfort as well as by the winter holidays and they include fragrances like cinnamon, orange, pine, peppermint or gingerbread;
  • Scents for the spring – spring is the season when nature is coming back to life and we start longing for sunshine and for spending time outside. The typical scents chosen for the season include green tea, white tea, the scent of pine woods, spring flowers, aloe and melon.
It is important to note that if you are smelling rotten eggs coming from your car, it is a sign that catalytic converters give off when they are going bad.  So don’t try cover up the smell with an air freshener, just get it fixed.