Where and when to get an Emissions Test

Does your car need an emissions test? In Colorado, new vehicles for the first seven years are exempt from needing an inspection. If you own a 2010 vehicle, 2017 is the first year it needs to have an emissions test done. Some vehicles will be eligible for a RapidScreen roadside test that test your vehicle as you’re driving it. You will be able to tell if you need to take your car in when you get your car’s registration renewal card in the mail. 

If your card may say, “Emission Test Not Required” if your car is exempt, “Passed Roadside Emissions” if you completed a RapidScreen roadside test, or it may say “Emissions Test Required” in which case you will need to complete an emissions test at one of the Air Care Colorado facilities. Should you need to get an emissions test done, bring your car into Bud’s Muffler and we can get your check engine light resolved, and a quality catalytic converter to ensure your vehicle passes the test the first time!

Next, you can find the location that is most convenient for you can plan to take your car in when it’s not busy!

According to AirCareColorado.com 

Avoid waiting. Come on Saturdays, early mornings and during the middle two weeks of the month. High volume times to avoid are Mondays, the lunch hour, the first business day after ANY holiday and the last few days of the month.
Visit AirCareColorado.com to see current wait times and find the best location for you.