When Should I Get an Emissions Test?

Keeping your car running green and clean Most states in the US require vehicle owners to take their cars to mandatory emissions testing regularly. Some states require annual testing, while in other states, car owners must get their cars tested every two years and there are states that make regular testing mandatory only in some areas. In many cases, testing is required only for vehicles under or over a certain age and the required frequency might be different based on vehicle type as well. Colorado, for examples, requires biennial testing for vehicles that are 7 years old or newer and in Georgia cars made during the last three model years are exempt from testing. Many states have special rules in place for vehicles older than 25 model years and for cars that are registered as antiques. Hybrid vehicles enjoy testing exemptions avoiding failed emissions test all together in many states, while commercial vehicles need to get tested every year in a number of states. As you see, whether and when you need your vehicle’s emissions tested depends on many factors. The best way to find out about the rules that apply to your car is to consult local law, but pay attention not only to state-level regulations, but to the laws that apply in your specific area, such as your city or your county.