What Might Be Causing The Rattling Noise In Your Car?

Tips To Figure Out Rattling Noises Your Car Is MakingFor those who are less familiar with driving a vehicle, the noise that a car can produce may seem normal. They will ignore them until it is too late, and the car in question will need expensive repairs. Noises may come from under the hood (produced by engine pistons, belts and rollers or hoses), from under the car (produced by the exhaust system, suspension and brake system or wheels) or from outside the car (aerodynamic noises or produced by tires). That rattling noise in a car can be caused by many issues and may appear anytime – when you start the car, accelerate or use the breaks. They are not related to any particular moment of driving, neither to the temperature of the engine, but regardless the source, the noise must be identified before you start experiencing problems. Here are only some of the things that may generate a rattling noise:
  • loose exhaust system
  • bad catalytic converter
  • loose or rusted heat shielding
  • brakes
  • wheels and tires
  • low engine oil level
  • the use of low-octane fuel and more
Many rattling noises are related to things that are easy to fix by a knowledgeable mechanic at Bud’s Mufflers of Denver. Others may be a little more challenging or warn about imminent failures.