Unusual and Surprising Things the Appearance of Your Car Says About You

What Your Type of Car Says About You Your car’s appearance doesn’t have to be strange or unusual. In fact, you might be driving one of the most popular sports cars or the most common family vehicles on the market. However, the things that your preferred car’s appearance might say about you are infinitely more unusual.   As with the case of the “halo effect” theory proposed by many social psychologists, the appearance of cars also speaks volumes about the way people would perceive you. As a result, in the eyes of the unsuspecting public, your car might show you as a daredevil, a balanced family man or woman, a quirky and eccentric individual, or a person with an extraordinary sense of style and, of course, outstanding financial wealth.   Depending on the color you choose, your car might also show whether you’re normally a cheerful or a gloomy person. Choosing a warmer color might show that you have a passionate personality, while cooler colors like blue or indigo could reveal a colder, more calculated person.   Of course, all of these remarks have to be taken with a grain of salt when it comes to their psychological validity, since no one can really tell you a lot about your personality or life story just by looking at your vehicle. However, in terms of how you are perceived by others – for those of you who consider that an important aspect of owning a car – all these facts should be taken into account before you consider purchasing any vehicle.  If you are in the market to accessorize your car, be sure to visit http://budsmuffler.com/.