Tips For Handling Your Road Rage

Keep Safe Gain Wisdom Traffic agglomeration at peak hours, drivers who break the rules and the excessive use of horns and insults can raise your fatigue and rage. What can you do to handle this rage and protect your nerves, when you drive?
  • Try to avoid peak hours. You should start driving 20 minutes before or after 8 o’clock in the morning, or after 19.00 in the evening.
  • Look for less crowded routes or small streets that can help you avoid the traffic
  • Be patient. Trafficking in big cities can be full of surprises, so it is good to be cautious and avoid driving in a rush
  • Do not get into conflicts with other drivers, even if they have broken the rules. Go ahead and drive preventatively, to minimize the problems caused by other careless traffic participants.
  • Listen to relaxation music.
  • Do not get into any dangerous overtaking
  • The horn most be used only in the case of potentially dangerous situations, not for crying out your frustration
  • Do not respond to aggressive drivers who make obscene gestures or use inadequate language. Use the means of public transportation if you are simply not in the mood to drive. Taking a little break can help you return to your car with a more relaxed attitude.
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