Things You Never Knew About Your Muffler

Helpful Things You Should Know Mufflers are relatively simple, but very important components of your car’s exhaust system – here are a few things about these tube-filled metal cylinders that might be new to you:
  • The muffler is the component that reduces the volume of the sounds coming from the engine – while the engine is on, the internal combustion process generates pressure waves and the muffler is responsible for keeping those sounds within the acceptable decibel range;
  • All modern cars leave the factory equipped with a standard muffler, but many car owners decide to replace the original mufflers with custom components that deliver a louder roar to make their car stand out;
  • Really strong cars are usually equipped with two mufflers to enhance their performance even further;
  • Custom mufflers deliver not only a louder sound – they also add horse power to the engine;
  • There are many different types of mufflers available on the market today, do a search for muffler shop near me to shop locally – you can get bullet mufflers, perforated mufflers, full case mufflers, turbo mufflers, chambered bullet mufflers and lots of other styles, so if you are planning to replace your factory mufflers, the best thing to do is to turn to a muffler specialist who will help you pick the right replacement part.