So you failed an emissions test. What to do now?

Whether it’s your first car or you have been driving for a long time, a failed emissions test can be a real set back. At Bud’s Muffler, we understand how frustrating this can be and we will work with you to make the repairs you need to get your car to pass the test. That means you will get your car back on the road, pay less at the fuel pumps, and be helping keep our Colorado air clean.

Check out this short guide and don’t let this set back hold you back, contact us today! 

What to Do if Your Car Fails an Emissions Test

Failing the Emissions Test

Without a passing grade, you cannot register the vehicle. This means no license plates, which means no driving. So in order to obtain a smog test certificate, you must get the vehicle repaired.

After failing, you’ll receive a report from the inspection station attendant detailing needed repairs. File this in a safe place. You’ll want to present it to the car repair shop, so as to eliminate any confusion on what needs to be fixed.

Once the vehicle is repaired, take it back to the inspection station for a re-test. Don’t procrastinate if your registration renewal date is approaching. Otherwise, you’ll risk having the license plates expire while tending to repairs.

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