Sharing The Road With Bicycle Riders

We have all seen bicycle riders running chaotically on the streets and sneaking through parked cars. Their unpredictable movement in traffic unfortunately can transform them into causes of accidents. On the other hand, there are cyclists who circulate smoothly and effortlessly, respecting the street rules, so that the other traffic participants can easily anticipate their moves. Bicycle riders represent the most vulnerable category in traffic, so you should be twice as careful when you share the road with them. A car weighs, on average, about 2 tons, while a bicycle, about 20 pounds. Cyclists have to respect the traffic rules and act responsibly, just like any other traffic participant – pointing the direction, making themselves visible at night etc., but as a car driver, you should also be careful when making left-right turns or opening the car door. Stop considering cyclists like nuisances, when you share the road with them; they have the same right be there and circulate as you do. Just make sure to keep the distance to give them time to react and not put their safety to risks. When you overtake them, try to make it slowly and calmly; do not pick up speed and do not use the car`s horn when you are very close to them.  Keep your exhaust non-toxic for cyclists, have your car checked out at