Ozone Alerts in Denver

If you have been driving around in the Denver Metro area lately, chances are you have seen the overhead road signs that say “Ozone Alert” the alert requests drivers to reduce their emissions by carpooling, combining errands and driving less. These are good tips that help to reduce ozone levels which can have negative health effects on us. Another important way to reduce harmful emissions is to make sure your car’s catalytic converter is working properly. At Bud’s Mufflers, we can replace your damaged catalytic converters which can save you money at the fuel pump and reduce damaging emissions that go out in the environment.

Ozone action alert issued for Denver metro area until Friday

DENVER — The Colorado Health Department and Regional Air Quality Council issued an ozone action alert for the Denver metro area and the Front Range on Thursday. It’s in effect until 4 p.m. Friday. Bright sun, warm temperatures and light winds are combining to create high ground ozone conditions. Emissions from everyday things such as gas-powered vehicles and lawn mowers, paints, and other solvents combine with other pollutants to create ground-level ozone pollution. It can cause health issues for everyone, especially children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues. High levels of ozone pollution often affect healthy people who work or exercise outdoors, and can cause breathing difficulties, eye irritation and reduced resistance to lung infections and colds with exposure for prolonged periods. People can cut down ozone emissions with simple steps such as reducing car trips and mowing lawns or refueling cars in the evening.