New Cars in 2017 – Trend in Design and Level of Equipment

Car designers and engineers are constantly working to come up with new components and new features to improve the driving experience offered by their cars and to make their new models more attractive, while also reducing the environmental impact and the ownership costs of their vehicles. Here are a few of the most common trends for new cars in 2017:
  • More SUV’s – most major manufacturers have at least one crossover line-up released in 2017, these large, comfortable and rugged off-road vehicles gradually replacing hatchbacks and other types of family cars;
  • Alternative fuel sources – engineers keep coming up with new solutions to reduce emission levels without compromising performance and 2017 has already seen some great new electric and hybrid models as well as cars that run on fuel cells, of course there are still those who want to have custom mufflers installed to add to the overall performance and appearance;
  • Cabin technology – another trend is to pack the cabin with as many devices and comfort features as possible without overcrowding the interior of the car. 2017 models, even entry-level models, are fitted with advanced electronics that make driving safer and traveling incredibly comfortable, even on the longest rides. Most new models are equipped with advanced infotainment features that allow drivers and passengers to stay connected to the world and be detached from it at the same time.