Navigating on Longer Road Trips: Why Does My Car Need GPS?

Navagating While Traveling The GPS project dates back to the 1970s, and part of the technology used in the development of the Global Positioning System used today has been around since the 1940s. Today, almost all vehicles have a GPS device and tracking system, so you can navigate and protect your car more easily than ever before.   When it comes to navigating, a GPS system can really come in handy. When you’re driving through unfamiliar areas, you’re too tired to pay too much attention to orienting yourself, or you’re on a long road trip and would like additional guidance, your GPS will give you precisely what you need. Aside from updated maps, clear touchscreen displays and spoken instructions, some GPS systems also come with HUD displays that allow you to navigate your car without taking your eyes off the road.  Sure handy when you need to search for a muffler shop near me in the city you are visiting.   Another advantage of GPS is that it can act as a great tracking system. This isn’t necessarily something you have to worry about, but something that could potentially help you recover your car when it was stolen. Not only that, but when car thieves notice that your car has GPS tracking, they will likely be deterred from stealing it, since the system can be used to locate the vehicle virtually anywhere it is on the planet.