A Look at the Most Revolutionary New Technologies in Car Manufacturing Today

New Car - New Technologies Advanced digital electronics and artificial intelligence has been an integral part of automotive technology in recent decades. Lately, however, many new technologies were added that are slowly leading car manufacturers closer to the realm of science-fiction, than that of regular automotive design:  
  • Safety technologies have evolved a great deal in recent years. Not only are lighter, more durable bodies being manufactured that can withstand crashes more efficiently, but today, most manufacturers include such advanced technologies as traction control, rearview cameras and extra airbags into the cheaper, standard model of their main vehicles.
  • Smart dashboards are also an added bonus in most modern car designs. Aside from advanced navigation features, you also get AI incorporated into the dashboard controls and features such as voice controls and advanced HUD technology to improve convenience, visibility and safety. Exhaust systems have improved, leaving your car at a less chance of failing emissions tests or having to replace catalytic converters on your car.
  • Some cars also have autonomous features such as advanced cruise control or active parking assist, and some will even help adjust your heading if you’re tired and veer off into the adjacent lane. There have even been attempts at building self-driving cars that rely entirely on artificial intelligence for the job.
  These are just some of the numerous new technologies that have changed the face of automobile manufacturing in recent years. While some of them might cost a lot of money, more and more advanced tech is constantly being incorporated into newer vehicles spanning all budget ranges.