Important Car Repair Terms You Should Know

Car Repair Terms Mechanics Use When you have a car, it is good to know at least the basics when it comes to maintenance and repairs, otherwise you can never be sure  whether a recommended service is necessary or not. The first step is to become familiar with the terminology used in the world of mechanics. We present you just a few basic terms everyone should know. Brake fluid Brake fluid is a liquid under pressure that ensures smooth breaking. It is like a cushion between the wheel brake and your foot. Distributor The distributor is a system that provides power to the car`s engine, by passing voltage to the cylinders and igniting the fuel. Radiator The engine can become extremely hot and even destroy itself if the radiator doesn`t function correctly. The cooling system of a vehicle helps the radiator distributing the heat evenly, by passing lubricating fluid into it. Oil filter Every car owner should know that the oil must be changed periodically and so do the oil filters. They keep the motor clean while oil circulates through the car`s engine. Flat fees If your car needs some minor maintenance, the service will likely be charged using a flat fee. It refers to a standard price that you must pay, regardless the time and the labor costs.  Look at local muffler shops near me to find one close to you and convenient.