How to Keep Your Car Clean When You Have Kids

Keeping Your Car Clean With Kids If you love driving a clean car, but a clean car and your kids don’t seem to be compatible, don’t despair – here are a few tips about how to keep your car clean when you have kids:
  • Give your car interior a thorough cleaning and involve your kids in the process, too – small kids usually enjoy taking small things from one place to the other, so you can ask them to collect chocolate wrappers in a plastic bag or to pick up the small toys that they have left in the car – it is a playful way to teach them the importance of cleanliness and of work;
  • Have a serious talk – when the car is clean, sit down with your kids and establish some rules together, such as the rules about snacking and playing in the car;
  • Keep plenty of plastic bags in the car and use the time while you are refuelling, waiting for your kids to come out of school or while you are stuck in a traffic jam to pick up the garbage around the seats. You can dispose of the bag at the nearest fuel station;
  • Invent activities that all of you will enjoy and that don’t need toys brought into the car – and accidentally left there.  It’s also good to clean your car before you visit places like Bud’s Muffler and other car shops for repair.