How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

General Rule Of Thumb As a general rule, you should visit a Denver muffler shop and have them change the oil in your car after every 5,000 miles or at the intervals recommended in your car’s manual or in the specifications of the engine oil that you choose. However, the recommendations in the oil data sheet and in the car’s manual are for normal usage conditions and there are several factors that can shorten the amount of time that your engine oil can stay in the car – here are some:  
  • You use the car for frequent, short drives that are not longer than 5 miles in normal temperatures;
  • Your trips are shorter than 10 miles at a time in very cold temperatures;
  • You drive a lot in hot temperatures and much of that driving is done in city traffic;
  • You frequently have to drive very slowly for long distances;
  • You frequently drive in heavy city traffic that requires you to stop and start frequently and you tend to accelerate between two traffic lights to get the green.
  The above factors might require you to reduce the oil change interval to 3,000 miles or to even less, but that is a personal decision. What you need to make sure, though, is to not exceed the recommended oil change interval.