How Exhaust Tips Can Make or Break Your Car’s Appearance

  New Exhaust Pipe Installation Exhaust and catalytic converters tips are not only essential parts of your car’s exhaust system – the exhaust pipes are also the visible parts of the car’s exhaust pipes and as any visible component of the car’s body, they contribute a lot to the overall appearance of your car. Whoever looks at your car from behind, will see the tips of the exhaust pipe, so here are a few details about available designs to make it easier for you to choose the best looks:  
  • Dual tips – inspired by racing designs, dual tips are usually chromed and look great on muscle cars;
  • Oval tips – they are the preferred choice of car owners who want to add some sophistication of their car’s appearance;
  • Round tips – these tips feature a classic design, a clean shape that is suitable for any car;
  • Square tips – use this type of tip if you are looking for a striking, contemporary appearance.
  Except for dual exhaust tips that are used not only for the looks, but for the sound of the car and for the efficiency as well, the other designs offer the same performance, so in most cases, you will need to make your decision based on the type and style of your car.