How Are Car Drivers Supposed to Treat Pedestrians?

Stop For Pedestian Crossing Car crashes that involve injuries suffered by pedestrians happen all the time, what’s more, the number of pedestrian deaths caused by cars has been on the rise for years. With cars becoming more and more powerful and pedestrians becoming more negligent, every participant in road traffic needs to become aware of the risks entailed by participating in traffic. The best way to achieve such a change in terms of attitude is by following rules and by trying to anticipate the actions of the others around us – here are a few rules that drivers must obey when driving through areas where there is pedestrian traffic as well:  
  • Always yield when you cross a driveway, when you see pedestrians crossing the road anywhere, not only at pedestrian crossings;
  • Pay more attention when you turn left – don’t assume that pedestrians or bikers approach at a certain speed, yield when you see a pedestrian or a biker approaching while you are turning to make the maneuver safe;
  • Drive very slowly in areas where there are or there may be children – kids are not aware of dangerous situations and they can run or jump in front of your car without any prior notice, so go as slowly as you can in such areas.
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