Guy Fieri’s past life selling Mufflers

When you hear the name Guy Fieri you probably don’t think of mufflers. In fact, you might even be confused why Bud’s Mufflers is even mentioning his┬áname. His name seems much more likely to come up on a food blog talking about restaurants but it is a little known that ole Guy Fieri used to be in the Muffler selling biz. We’re not lying. Don’t believe us check it out! It is a little weird to see him handling a Flowmaster instead of a plate of food and we were half waiting for him to slather it with Donkey Sauce but this was posted over 8 years ago and he has come a long way since then. He is way better as the Mayor of Flavourtown, leave the muffler selling to us Guy, after all, “Some people are just born to cook and talk.”