Different Muffler Sounds – What Is Your Muffler Trying to Tell You?

Mechanic Checking For Causes Of Muffler Sounds The muffler is the device in the car’s exhaust system that reduces the amount of noise emitted by the car’s engine. The principle that make these devices work is that of noise waves that interfere with each other or that cancel each other – the unit consists of a set of tubes that create reflective waves from the sound waves generated by the car’s internal combustion engine and the waves then either interfere with each other or cancel each other out. As the role of the muffler is that of modifying the way the car sounds, any unusual car sound that develops over time indicates a problem of the muffler, of the exhaust system or of the engine. Here are some of the common faults:
  • Sounds that are too loud – if you hear a roaring sound coming from the muffler, it is a sign that the muffler has a hole and needs to be taken to a muffler shop Denver area soon. The compromised integrity of any part of the car’s exhaust system can lead to more severe problems, so try to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible;
  • Sounds that are not loud enough – too much silence coming from the muffler indicates the presence of a clog somewhere and it is a symptom that also needs to be checked and remedied by a qualified mechanic.