What If My Car Fails the Emissions Test?

The emissions test is part of the periodic vehicle inspection process that is mandatory in most states. The aim of the testing is to reduce the environmental impact of car usage, so cars that do not pass the test cannot be legally driven and need to undergo repairs, then they must be tested again to get certified. Here are a few tips what to do if your car has failed emissions test:
  • Get the inspection report – the test results will reveal whether the problem that led to the failure is minor or more serious. The inspection report tells you not only about the values measured, but also about the necessary repairs, so it is a very important document for your mechanic.
  • Turn to a reliable mechanic – make sure that the garage or the mechanic you take your car to for the necessary repairs has the right type of experience to address the issues specified in the report in an efficient and professional manner.
To avoid future fails, make sure you get your car inspected by your mechanic prior to the test. Good mechanics can test your car’s emission levels and they can also prepare your car for the official testing.