Antique Car Collecting – Keeping the Costs of an Expensive Hobby within Reasonable limits

Collecting antique cars takes a lot of time, energy and money, even if you possess the know-how and the space that you need to restore the cars yourself. However, with a careful approach, you can reduce both the purchase price as well as the repair cost of the antique car you have been long dreaming of – here are a few tips how:
  • Always find out about the provenance of the car you want to buy – where the car spent the years before the planned purchase, the mileage in it, the type of the repair or restoration work it has already been through are all important details that will determine not only the purchase price, but also the amount of money and time you need to put into the restoration;
  • Check the body for rot before you buy the car – body rot, especially if it is on the bottom or inside the fenders, is a nightmare to fix, so look for cars that have as little of it as possible;
  • If it moves, take it for a ride – the test drive will reveal a lot about the condition of the car and will tell you a lot about the condition of major parts, such as the engine, the transmission, and of the brakes, catalytic converters should be inspected too, depending on the year of the vehicle.
  • Ask a professional to accompany you – every antique car is different, so if you have found a car for your collection, try to find someone who specializes in the make and ask him to accompany you when you go to see the car – one more expert opinion can only help.